The Pawlik Family

As the first 3 weeks of living in the house have passed giving me some level of understanding of the property, I would like to give Owl Homes feedback regarding the property itself, my pre-sale experience and overall level of customer care I received during the transaction process. First noticeable point is how complex and comprehensive expertise about the mortgage, help to buy and all the legal activities I received from you at the very beginning. You pretty much guided me through every single step, patiently, making it all sound really easy for the first time buyer who had never dealt with solicitors, mortgage advisors or builders in the past. Also your recommendations of mortgage advisor and solicitor have been very helpful as they both provided excellent service and most importantly delivered on time! After I reserved the property and the mortgage process kicked off, I was genuinely surprised how good a grip of what's going on you had - you have been pretty much better informed that I was always a step ahead! It was me who bought the house after all!! I never had to call you or email you to ask for the updates - you did initiate every single contact with me once you received the information from mortgage advisors, solicitors or help to buy. For me personally, who is an extremely busy person having the comfort of not worrying about what's going on is a very valuable comfort. You have been chasing my case with everybody to make sure the moving date on time and after all, from all the institutions I dealt with - you were the most liable and accountable. Thank you very much! After my first visit at the property I checked it thoroughly and produced a detailed report of what needs to be changed/fixed - Every line from the list has been done and during the process of fixing I was receiving the progress updates from yourself - again, big plus for excellent customer care, listening to the customers voice and great communication. The property itself was spot on and sparkling clean! There were plenty of non-purchase related queries I had which you have been able to help with which were probably outside your scope of work - helping me looking for the best windows blinds, giving me heads up on how to deal with local council, energy providers, recommending window cleaners and many more little things I can not think off at the minute, but I do know that I did bother you with lots of little things frequently :) After I finally moved in there was a beautiful welcome package waiting for me at the house - another nice little touch which made this special moment even more special! Another nice little thing was how frequently you checked on me, asking how do I accommodate in a new place, how do I feel about it and if there is anything else I need or you could help me with - it almost felt like having a second mum abroad! (I won't tell that to my real mum as she might get jealous). Finally, I did have time to check the condition of the property during the first 3 weeks but I can't spot any imperfections. It's probably because everything has been picked up and sorted before I moved in! Summarising : I genuinely have no idea what potentially could go better or be improved in the way you work. I honestly can't think of a single thing. Again thank you very much, it has been a great pleasure. I wish for anyone to come across someone like you when purchasing their homes.