The Leachman Family

I just wanted to congratulate you on having such a great site team! I honestly cannot praise them enough; they have been brilliant since we completed and moved onto the site. Obviously, Kris and Steve have been amazing; they are so helpful and always have a smile! Anything I've asked of them they have made sure is done, which I truly cannot thank them enough for, they are a credit to Owl. All the tradesmen that have been in to do our snags have been so helpful and professional, but above all, I really want to thank Kris, Steve, all the site team, and trades for how they have all made an effort to speak and wave to our sons, this does mean a lot to us because it's made them feel at home from completion. In terms of the house, we are so pleased; it is truly wonderful we adore our home and the fabulous little community growing on site. You should be very proud. Thank you all.