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Owl Homes become Hedgehog ambassadors

12th May 2021

The Midlands-based developer was recently contacted by a local resident near their Desford development who asked the question of Owl Homes’ commitment to protecting hedgehogs within the area. Whilst Owl Homes already have provisions in place to protect local wildlife within their developments and surrounding areas; there are enhancements that could be made to facilitate a better environment for our “spiky friends”. 


The Hedgehog species is one of the most popular animals in the country, suffering from a dramatic population decline. A key point in the decline of Hedgehog numbers is the reduction in accessible gardens that they are able to forage for food. Hedgehogs can walk more than a mile every night, so they need to move freely between gardens and landscapes.


Following discussions to protect these species, Owl Homes have pledged their commitment to becoming hedgehog ambassadors, which will see the addition of hedgehog highways – 13cm holes that are created at ground level in fencing and other barriers to allow access between their developments and wilder areas. The first highways will take affect at Owl Homes development in Desford and adopted on all sites going forward. 


Tony Jarvis, construction director for Owl Homes, Says; For a small amount of forward-thinking, we’re able to better protect the environment within which we build, and hedgehog highways are a great way to assist in this. It’s great to know that not only are the houses we build are going to become the family home for our customers, but that we are also doing our bit to ensure our spiky friends are able to thrive in the environment we create. 


People can encourage hedgehogs in their gardens by creating their own Hedgehog highways and homes; more information can be found at: or