A Walk to Remember: Owl Homes Takes on the Housebuilder Challenge for a great cause (And earns a few blisters!)

20th September 2023


Last Friday, the Owl Homes team laced up our boots and took to the rugged terrains of Snowdonia for a 20-mile hike.  


Our six-strong team raised funds for the Youth Adventure Trust. The Trust is dedicated to empowering young people to unlock their potential and lead enriching lives. Through outdoor adventures and one-to-one support, they build resilience, bolster confidence and instil lifelong skills in young individuals, helping them face life's challenges head-on.


After a gruelling 9 hours, Jack, Deb, Alex, Lewis, Cam and Alexandra crossed the line, finishing 10th out of 31 #housebuilder teams. The exhaustion was real, but the team all had a real sense of accomplishment and community. And let's not forget those hard-earned blisters and tired legs— they wore them as badges of honour.


We raised £2,189. Together with other teams, an impressive £88,000 has been raised in total.


Thank you to all who supported us and this incredibly worthwhile cause. This hike was more than just a walk in the park—it was a stride toward a better future for our youth, albeit with a few sore feet!